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There are different alternatives so that you can make an individual or sporadic donation to our organization, you can make bank transfers and donate through DonorBox.

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Make a donation to the organization’s account with the following bank details:

  • Full name (beneficiary):  Fundación Vegetarianos Hoy        
  • Country: Chile  
  • City: Santiago
  • Address: Huérfanos 903. Diagonal Pasaje Matte 957, of 617
  • IBAN: No      
  • Account Number: 4464656
  • Bank’s name: Banco del Estado de Chile
  • The city the branch is in: Santiago, Chile
  • Address of branch : Bandera # 66 piso 2, Santiago, Chile 

If you want to donate an amount greater than $ 500, please consider to make a wire transfer. If you need any help, contact us to


You can become a donor from anywhere in the world trough PayPal.


A Billion Veg

A Billion Veg

We have partnered with this international organization so you can donate by reviewing vegan products.

That easy! For each review you make in the  A Billion Veg will donate $ 1 to a foundation of your choice. Once you make 10 reviews, you can choose to donate $ 10 to Vegetarianos Hoy.

Download the application available for Android and iOS or use it from your computer.

Download for Android download for iOS